At Classic Oak Framing we do not compromise on quality therefore we do not supply joinery (doors, windows etc.,) in soft wood. In our experience and also in the view of other professionals that manufacture joinery, it is a false economy. A corner not worth cutting!

Hardwood Garage DoorsHardwood garage doors.

All of our doors are framed, ledged and braced. The hardwood we use is Iroko, this has been proven to be one of the more effective and stable hardwoods for the production of joinery.
Oak garage doors.

These oak doors have been left untreated and have weathered down to blend in with an older building. We do not recommend this, but in this situation of new doors being fitted to an older oak frame the client chose to let them weather naturally.
Ironmongery sets.

Our ironmongery sets consist of four quality hand forged hinges made by a local blacksmith, one high security lock that has been redesigned especially to suit this application and two sprung loaded bolts to secure the second door. We offer handles as an option, our grab handles are made from the same timber as the doors.
Personnel doors and frames.

Personnel doors can be made in all sizes in oak or hard wood. These can be fitted directly to the primary oak frame or can be set in hardwood or oak sub frames. This is a better option when the doors are in a position that is exposed to the elements as the sub frames are all fitted with a gasket to prevent water ingress.

Mullion windows.

The mullion window is a very old style of window traditionally fitted in oak frame buildings. We can supply the traditional fixed pane mullion window or an opening version.

Our windows come in varying sizes from a single pane unit to glazed screens forming outside walls creating bright airy spaces within the building. These screens can be constructed to take doors.
Staddle stones/ pad stones.

The purpose of the staddle stone/pad stone is not purely decorative, they form a porous base that allows water to soak away from the post quickly thereby giving the bottom of the post a longer life span.
Special 150mm wide bricks.

In our groundworks we use a special 150mm brick that matches the width of our oak soleplate. This keeps everything nice and flush and prevents a nasty brick ledge on the inside of the building. This in turn is more cost effective than a nine inch wall as it is quicker to lay using half as many bricks and less cement. If doors are to be fitted to the building this is a must.
Timber sales and components.

We sell oak from our range of stock we will also sell timber components cut to your requirements if you need to match some existing pieces.
We understand you may wish to make some small repairs or alterations to older oak framed building yourself. alternatively your builder may need a piece of oak for over your new fireplace.